Marketing Academy

Customer Relationship Management in Digital Era – June 2022

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Selling & Distribution Program

Managing & Designing Sales Force Key Account Management: Create Loyalty While Still Profitable Becoming a Market Oriented Distributor Building Channel Distribution Winning Merchandising Strategy Managing Effective Distribution Managing Channel Conflict Q-Selling & SPIN Selling Professional Selling Skill Trade Marketing Negotiation and Competitive Decision Making Sales Planning: Forecasting & Market Performance Evaluation

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Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty & Relationship Program

Effective & Powerful Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Strategy Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Co-Creation Strategy Customer Experience Strategy Customer Loyalty through Service Drama Strategy Building Service Culture Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) 10 Principles of Customer Satisfaction Churn Management Strategy Delivering Service Quality Handling Complaint and Service Recovery Service Blue Print

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Brand, Promotion & Communication Program

Proven and Successful Brand Strategies Brand Extension Strategy Brand Audit Building Strong Brands: Learning from Top Brand Award Co-Branding Strategy Creative Sales Promotion Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) From Positioning to Communication Plan

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Marketing Research & Measurement Program

The Right Way of Doing Powerful Marketing Research 22 Most Important Measurements in Business & Marketing Measuring Customer Satisfaction Measuring Promotion Effectiveness Measuring Brand Equity Measuring Employee Satisfaction Measuring and Creating Customer Value Analysis, Research & Strategy for Pricing Market Research for Segmentation & Targeting Brand Positioning Index New Product Development Research Analyzing Customer Database […]

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Strategic Marketing Program

Developing Strategic Marketing Plan 7 Most Effective Strategies for Marketing Services Consumer Marketing Strategy Business-to-Business Marketing Strategy Consumer Behavior Analysis Building Marketing Culture in Your Organization Building & Managing Partnership Creative Pricing Strategies Managing New Product and Services Managing Product Bundling & Portfolio Marketing Intelligence Successful New Product Launching Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning Strategy Winning […]

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Digital Marketing Program

Introduction to Digital Marketing Planning & Executing Digital Marketing Campaign Preparing Organization Capabilities & Culture for Digital Marketing Social Media Strategies Managing & Measuring Social Media Efforts Mastering Digital Marketing & Social Media Tools Social Media Policies & Guidelines Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing Planning for E-Channel & E-Commerce

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