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Frontier Education is committed to equipping public, especially modern marketers with the latest information, trends and strategies in the always-evolving world of marketing.

We offer professional, industry-focused training services for public and in-house clients. Both of our services are dedicated to bring values to further advance our clients’ knowledge and skills, as well as their performance in becoming the next marketing experts & leaders.

In-house Training Benefits

  • In-depth analysis for clients’ needs in specific topics and trainings.
  • Tailored modules & training materials, specifically to suit clients’ needs.
  • Specific case studies, exclusively prepared to directly relate with clients’ experience.
  • Marketing Academy will provide training report for the company.
  • This program is limited to 20 – 25 people to keep it small & focused.

Public Training Benefits

  • Participants will constantly be kept updated with recent marketing trends, strategies & concepts.
  • Various topics from insightful trainers and industry practitioners scheduled to one year ahead.
  • This program is limited to 20 – 25 people to keep it small & focused.
  • We ensure our marketing trainings are applicable to various industries.

Free Consultation

We will be delighted to assist you in finding the most relevant workshops, suited to your company’s needs.

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