Frontier Torres

Frontier Torres is exclusively founded to help enhance the skills and knowledge of human resource who are active in Financial Service and Banking industries.

All of our workshop and training modules are specifically tailored to be fully relevant to the current situation of Financial Services and Banking industries.

The Value of  
Frontier Torres

Frontier Torres believes that person is what drives businesses. Thus, we focused on progressively evolve the mindset of our workshops and training participants by giving them the latest updates, trends, strategies and knowledge about their industries.

Manned up by talented and highly respected trainers, the Education Center continually stands as a knowledge-based entity that influences the business environment in Indonesia. We firmly believe through our positive learning environment, excellent trainers and years of expertise in providing marketing insights, Frontier Torres is a force to reckon with when it comes to transform todays talents into future leaders.

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Strong Focus in  
Financial Services & Bank  

We take a great pride in serving clients from Financial Services, Banking industries and their sub-sectors. Currently, We are growing accustomed to specialise alongside our clients to provide trainings and in-depth insights in the most effective ways, specifically tailored to address clients’ unique needs.

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We will be delighted to assist you in finding the most relevant workshops, suited to your company’s needs.

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